Friday, June 6, 2008

NIIT bags order for 900 schools

NIIT, the computing machine instruction firm, said it have bagged two contracts from the Bihar and Maharashtra to supply computing machine and computer-aided education in 900 state authorities schools.

The contract, collectively deserving about Rs 71 crore, is for three old age in Bihar and five old age in Maharashtra.

The two orders won by NIIT's School Learning Business, will develop nearly 1.3 million pupils in 500 state authorities schools in Maharashtra, and 600,000 children in 400 schools in Bihar.

"We anticipate authorities to put heavily in instruction and that volition thrust demand for us. Also the private sector will play much important function in 2-3 old age to our top line," Liter Balasubramanian, president at NIIT School Learning Solutions, told deoxyribonucleic acid Money.

Balasubramanian added that NIIT is expected to apportion 1,000 employees for the undertaking along with its spouses and would begin the complete trading operations by end of June.

"It (government school business) still stays a moneymaking concern in the word form of big chance at 30,000 schools over adjacent 2 old age alone and an chance to traverse sell content," Emkay Research analyst Manik Taneja said in a short letter to clients.

Taneja said NIIT's rekindled involvement in the authorities school concern would step up competition for its equals such as as Educomp Solutions and Everonn Systems.

Taneja have a "buy" evaluation on the stock.

Under licence from

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why I Buy My Computers And Other Electronics Online

I must acknowledge that I'd be absolutely lost without the growth figure of desktop and laptop computer computers, printers, digital photographic cameras and all the other miscellaneous electronic equipment in my house and place office. I cognize I once got along without all this gear, but that was back in the olden days, in the last millennium. Today Iodine absolutely depend on it. What this agency is that I purchase a batch of stuff, and I have got formed some definite sentiments about where I make my shopping and what put I avoid like the plague.

I detest to state it, but #1 on my listing of topographic points to avoid are the large electronics concatenation stores. They are certainly convenient and their terms are usually in the ballpark. And all their satin booklets have got lured me more than than once when I quickly needed some RAM, a disk, or a new inkjet printer. Problem is that their gross sales people are embarrassingly clueless and often only interested in merchandising extended service contracts. No give thanks you.

When I construct a new desktop computing machine I occasionally purchase the parts from a local electronics superstore. Those topographic points are a geek's paradise, or they could be if it weren't for a couple of really bothersome trade breakers. First, one-half of the boards don't work after I convey them home. And second, I absolutely decline to purchase things that are only a good trade after a mail-in discount or two. I've been burned too many modern times with rebates. No more.

Office supply supplies are stocking more than than than and more electronic equipment. So when I travel purchase a ream of paper or some other little material I often stop up looking at their laptop computers and digital cameras. And once I even bought a notebook computing machine there, something that I later regretted as here was, of course, no service or support. I actually like the business office supply supplies and have got no job purchasing things like optical maser pressman cartridges there, but that's about it for computing machine stuff.

Another bad pattern that's pickings over is luring clients with low prices, do them wade through respective order screens, and then interrupt the bad news, like some elephantine transportation complaint or that, sadly, the point is not in stock. Bash that to me once and I won't be back.

So where make I acquire most of my electronics gear? Online. I love being able to browsing online supplies at my leisure, without any gross sales pressure level and usually with all the information I need. I like neat, clean just-the-facts supplies that specialise on the sort of gear wheel I want. I don't necessitate useless "reviews" by folks who always look to have got an axe to crunch or hatred everything. And I don't necessitate long listings of the 99 last terms on the web. All Iodine desire is information and a good selection. I make anticipate a grade of client support in lawsuit I have got got questions, and most of the better online supplies can manage that easily.

Had person told me 10 or 15 old age ago that some twenty-four hours I'd purchase things like laptops, digital cameras, pressmen or even desktop computing machines online from some website far away, I'd have laughed. But that's where I acquire most of my electronic equipment and appliances from these days, and I've rarely ever had a bad experience. Those online supplies look to seek a batch harder, and that's good news for cats like me.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 Tips And Shortcuts To Make Using Windows Easier

There are a figure of fast ones and cutoffs that are fairly well known among people that have got been using Windows a batch over the last 14 old age of it's existence. However, we be given to take it for given that everyone cognizes these things, when in fact they don't.

Some of these mathematical functions are documented in the Windows aid files, but I've noticed (with our secretary and my colleagues, for example) that most people never read the aid files. I say they are kinda boring...

So with out additional ado, here are some turbo tips for Windows:

(If a cardinal name is in bold, it intends you hold IT down while pressing the other keys)

1. Windows key (the 1 with the flying window on it) and Vitamin E will open up Windows explorer, instead of right clicking the My Computer Icon on the desktop and then clicking Explore. Very utile if your desktop is full of unfastened windows and you wnat to acquire another adventurer window open.

2. Ctrl B for making pronounced textual matter bold

3. Ctrl C to copy marked textual matter to the clipboard

4. Ctrl V to paste that textual matter into a new document.

5. Ctrl A chooses All; either all textual matter in a document, or all data files in Explorer.

6. Alt Prt Scandium to copy the presently unfastened window to the clipboard. You can then utilize Ctrl V to paste it, as a jpeg image, into a document, or a photograph redaction program.

7. Crtl Shift Esc will open up Undertaking manager, where you can see what processes are running, and halt them if they are misbehaving and won't close. Undertaking director also gives you a graphical record which demoes how difficult your central processing unit and memory are working.

8. In Windows Explorer and in Mentality Express (and other programs) if you chink on the column headings, it will screen the whole thing according to the alphabetic/numeric order of that column. Clicking it again will change by reversal kind it.

9. Clicking a word of textual matter twice will foreground (ie mark) that word. Clicking the word three modern times in speedy sequence will choose the whole sentence, line or paragraph. (Depending on your textual matter editor)

10. In Windows Explorer, if you throw your Ctrl key down, you can chink on numerous, random data files and choice them, even if they are not immediate (For foreign readers, this means: one after the other)

I trust this assists you. I will post another 10 tips in my adjacent article.

Duncan Kelly

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nigeria: Telehealth Takes Centre Stage at Cto 2008 Trade Expo -

Emeka AginamLagos

As the 18th edition of the greatest West African ICT trade exhibition and conference, Computer Technology and Office Equipment, CTO 2008 trade exhibition with the theme, A World without Borders" drew to a close, last hebdomad in Lagos with a paradigm displacement on telemedicine to supply medical attention over distance.

Experts at the event were worried, saying that except adequate medical substructures were set in place, the state might go on to dawdle behind in the usage of engineering to present wellness attention services as obtained in the developed economies.

Speaker after talker at the exhibition which provided local companies representing or working with U.S. providers and makers of computers, telecommunications and business office equipment an chance to show window the very best of American technology, equipment and services available in Federal Republic Of Federal Republic Of Federal Republic Of Nigeria for the sub-region, noted that telecom operators and the authorities must pay peculiar to edifice of fibre eye substructures across the state so as to accomplish effectual medical wellness attention synergistic video.

For bulk of talkers at the capacity edifice trade exhibition that attracted no fewer than 40 exhibitioners and one thousands of participants, especially the people which were also portion of the focus, physical hurting and having to pass hours in a auto or airplane because the nighest medical specializer is 100s of statute miles away should not have got been a thing of the past if the right engineerings were set in topographic point by authorities of different states of the world, including Nigeria which have woke up in this direction.

For one thing, talkers at the yearly trade exhibition believed that with adequate substructures set in place, there would be improved wellness attention bringing through better diagnosis, better mapping of public wellness threats, better preparation and sharing of cognition among wellness workers and supporting wellness workers in primary healthcare, particularly rural healthcare, among others.

The system which lets doctors and wellness attention specializers to diagnose and handle patients over distances - whether that span is across a street, a city, a part or an ocean, should be well embraced by Nigeria in order to accomplish the Millennium Development Goals, (MDGs)

Telehealth, if taken serious by authorities of developing economies, experts at the 2008 said, could traveling a long manner in forestall uncomfortable delays, high travel disbursals and household separation by bringing specialised medical attention directly to the people who necessitate it.

"The hereafter of e_health is here. We have got already started the process. The procedure in the pipeline. With time, the right substructures would be built.

It is a substance of clip Telemedicine typically affects doctors using synergistic picture and/or store-and-forward consultations to handle patients. Interactive picture lets medical specializers to directly pass on with their patients who are in another location, using telecasting monitoring devices and specially adapted equipment. Store-and-Forward techniques include doctors sending pictures, x-rays, and other patient information directly to the computing machine of a specialist.

After reviewing that information, the specializer then directs the diagnosing back to the local doctor, who handles the patients and supplies follow-up care" success of the yearly trade exhibition for many old age told the participants at the event which have continued to expose the Nigerian ICT industry to the planetary market.

According to Agu who have been very passionate about young person authorization using digital tools, for Federal Republic Of Federal Republic Of Federal Republic Of Federal Republic Of Federal Republic Of Federal Republic Of Nigeria to last as 21st century cognition economy, telehealth is very imperative, adding that Nigeria can make it well given the right substructure which have been a challenge to many of the development economies.

For Dr Adabola Daramola of Society for Telemedicine and ehealth in Nigeria , e_health solutions are being increasingly proposed as an reply to the many wellness system direction jobs and wellness demands faced by wellness organisations in developing societies like Nigeria .

"Application of e_health and telemedicine tools and services in Nigeria's wellness system will ensue into bringing of online medical content toward the version of generic e_commerce solutions to the processing of wellness related administrative dealing and logistical support of clinical tasks" he said.

While advising the Nigerian authorities on investment in e_health, he was very optimistic that Nigeria will not be left behind in the current paradigm displacement given the sort of attending the system is receiving now. In an hr unrecorded presentation on how e_health actually works, Dr Capital Of Texas Egbunike, President/ Managing Director f Nigerian International Franchise Association, (NIFA), noted without mincing words that e_health may not work out well in unless adequate fibre eye substructure are built across the nation.

"That is the best manner to achieve. But Federal Republic Of Nigeria is a rich and vivacious economy. We can make it. We are getting there. By that time, there will be improved information flowing between the wellness workers and the general publics, better chances for wellness services interventions, including patient information, synergistic communications, mass media approaches, wellness research, advocacy to better services among others" he added.

Relevant Links

For one thing, the yearly conference and exhibition afforded determination shapers and though leadership to critically analyze promotions so far achieved the Nigerian ICT sector said to be the toast of the international community.

The event have been held for up to 18 old age as United States Commercial Service/ Nigerian enterprise to hike additional isobilateral trade exchange between United States providers , manufacturers, and people including their Nigerian counterparts.

The event, over the years, have witnessed the engagement of many indigenous Nigerian companies including Brian Integrated Systems Limited, boosters of Balog Technologies, Beta Computers, Zinox Computers, Omatek Computers, Linkserve, Inlak Computers, Palette Computers, and a figure of Nigerian banks, including Fidelity, Zenith, UBA, Oceanic, and many others.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Funambol On AGPL On The ASP Loophole

Question: When Funambol first released software, it was released under your ain licence - the Honest Populace License. How makes the AGPL differ from the HPL?

Capobianco: The HPL essentially added one paragraph to the GPL v2 license, to turn to the asp loophole. AGPLv3 makes the same thing to the GPL v3 licence i.e. it is based on the more than recent GPL v3 rather than HPL being based on the aged GPL v2. But conceptually, both licences were intended to turn to the asp loophole. Funambol was involved in the definition of AGPLv3, switched to it as soon as it was released, and had it OSI-approved.

Question: Why did the company happen it necessary to change licenses? In other words, why move to the AGPL and see it through the OSI blessing process?

Capobianco: When Funambol introduced the HPL, we said right from the beginning that as soon as there was an OSI-approved version of the licence that addressed the asp loophole, we would switch over to it. This is because there is a concern about the proliferation of too many different yet similar unfastened beginning licences confusing people. So that is why we pushed to have got got the AGPLv3 approved by the OSI and why we switched to it the 2nd it became OSI approved, because the human race really makes have quite a few different unfastened beginning licences and by virtuousness of using an OSI approved license, it cuts down on the figure of proprietary vendor-written licenses.

Question: How make you react to those in the mass mass media or other industry perceivers who state the AGPL doesn't adequately turn to the asp Loophole?

Capobianco: I believe the treatment in the media is not if the AGPL adequately turns to the asp Loophole. That is a given. It does. The inquiry is if shutting the asp Loophole will be a benefit for unfastened beginning in general or not, or if the AGPL will restrict acceptance of unfastened beginning software system by enterprises. I personally make not believe there is an issue. Enterprises are not affected by the asp Loophole, because it is targeted to people running software system as a service to the public. Enterprises that tally services internally make not have got to expose their alterations to the public. It is a non-issue.

Question: Some say that rather than requiring service suppliers to lend the codification that constructs on unfastened beginning back to the community, the community should simply work to make something like what the proprietorship service supplier is offering. What make you believe of that approach?

Capobianco: I believe the best attack is dual-licensing. Having an unfastened beginning undertaking that is AGPL and military units service suppliers to make up one's mind if they desire to act as good unfastened beginning citizens (returning the alterations on the code) or if they prefer to maintain their intellectual place for themselves, therefore licensing a commercial version of the same code. It is a theoretical account that made MySQL 1 of the most successful unfastened beginning projects, but also a one billion dollar company with many endeavors very happy to have got great codification and no unfastened beginning requirements.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Microsoft's Mundie talks up tech for poor nations

Microsoft's and are poised to take over more than of Bill Gates' engineering function after the Microsoft president stairway away from day-to-day work at the
company in July.

One of the first alterations for Mundie, the head research and scheme officer, is leading Microsoft's , which includes the company's work for the development human race as well as its philanthropy. The occupation should maintain Mundie in close
contact with Gates, since the co-founder's going is meant to give him more than clip at the , which also works on engineering enterprises aimed at helping developing nations.

IDG News Service talked to Mundie at Microsoft's 2008 last hebdomad about possible alterations at Unlimited Potential, and what Microsoft is doing to make new engineering for people
in the development world.

IDGNS: Since Unlimited Potential is under you now, what makes that average for the group? More money, more than attention?

Mundie: No. The recent determination to set it in my grouping is really just so that I can supply some consistent inadvertence to it. In a way, I helped make the Unlimited Potential Group respective old age ago and we had housed it within one of the business
divisions and a figure of executive directors were providing inadvertence to it.

The other existent ground to set it in my grouping is because the other two new concerns I've got in my grouping are wellness and education
and when we look at what the Unlimited Potential demands are, yes one constituent of it is to let people to be productive, but
almost invariably the other two legs of that stool are wellness attention and education.

IDGNS: Bashes your early work at Microsoft's non-PC division aid with your function in Unlimited Potential?

Mundie: No, not really -- except for the cell phone. The work that I did with Windows Mobile River and the cell telephone material I think
have carried forward today and makes give us a footing for adapting cell telephone engineerings to the Unlimited Potential social class of
opportunities. Interactive television may be another 1 that may ultimately play a function here.

IDGNS: What are some schemes you have got for Unlimited Potential? What engineerings will you concentrate on?

Mundie: When you believe about people with small or no disposable income and how to near that market, it's unclutter that you
can't travel at it with the thought that they just run out and purchase personal computing machines or that we're going to give them all one. And
so a batch of our focusing have been on trying to take engineerings that are derived from the planetary scale of measurement usage of PCs and assist build
both less expensive devices and software system that's More purpose-built relative to the demands of those sorts of customers.

The other thing that's A large factor of course of study is the cell phone. We're compensate at the point now where all telephones will travel from
dense to smart. And I believe that's A major focusing for us in footing of how we can convey entree to the Internet and some of these
technologies, particularly around wellness care, to this rural mediocre population. That coupled with online services and more than sophisticated
software. My dreaming is that we really can acquire to the point where it really is do-it-yourself medicine and, to a certain extent,
do-it-yourself education. I don't see a manner where the human race is going to scale up traditional conceptions of wellness and education
for another four and a one-half billion people. Even the United States, which is the wealthiest state in the world, still doesn't
have got a program to supply wellness attention to its ain citizens, allow alone another four to five billion. Continued1 | | | »

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Microsoft Expands Commitment to Accessibility and High-Quality Education Across Asia Pacific Region

Bill Bill Gates denotes new partnerships that broaden the impact of technology
at the local level. JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Today, in his
keynote computer address at the Government Leadership Forum-Asia (GLF Asia) in Jakarta,
Microsoft Corp. President Bill Bill Gates announced respective new programs,
partnerships and offers that beef up Microsoft's committedness to and
investment in delivering accessible engineering and transforming education
for citizens across the Asia Pacific Ocean part and around the world. (Logo: ) The proclamations include new instruction tools for people with special
needs; the extension of an of import accomplishments development and certification
program available through Internet coffeehouses (iCafes) in the Philippines; the
further advancement of Microsoft's flagship K-12 instruction programme Partners in
Learning, which have now achieved a milepost figure of 100 million students
reached worldwide; and the enlargement of Microsoft Invention Centers in
Indonesia with Pelita Harapan University. "At the bosom of our attempts is the belief that engineering can provide
capabilities that are cardinal to creating new occupations and generating sustainable
economic growth, including entree to a quality instruction and the knowledge
and substructure to further local innovation," Bill Gates said. "We desire to do
everything we can to fit people with PCs, the Internet, productivity
software, e-mail and other tools of the digital information revolution so
that they can be full participants in the planetary cognition economy." Broadening Entree to Technology Microsoft believes information engineering can have got a important impact
on people's lives and is committed to working with public and private
sector organisations to seek solutions to spread out entree to technology. Demonstrating this commitment, Microsoft today announced it will be teaming
up with the Oscar-winning New Zealand-based animation studio Weta Workshop
and Australian software system developer Northern District Institute for
Community Education and Development (NTICED) to assist the estimated 10
percent of the world's population life with particular demands get skills
and cognition through the usage of technology. Initially, the collaboration
will do resources and tools based on its Partners in Learning Curriculum
available to pupils and pedagogues through an synergistic Web land site that
will present audio, written text, mental images and picture through rich
animation-based content. "Animation have the capacity to unlock the powerfulness of instruction for
children," said J. Easterby Wood, partnering manager of NTICED. "This new
collaboration will heighten the ability for pupils with learning
difficulties around the human race to discover, experience and larn for life." "Weta Workshop is very excited about collaborating with Microsoft to
help computer address assistive acquisition in communities all over the world," said
Richard Taylor, manager of Weta Workshop. "By creating a rich set of tools
and resources, we trust to give pedagogues and pupils an experience that
will speed up their promotion and ran into their alone needs." Committedness to Lifelong Learning Microsoft believes learning is a womb-to-tomb endeavor. In today's
knowledge-based economy, computing machine literacy have go a critical workplace
skill -- a accomplishment that billions of people worldwide still lack. Today, to
help computer address this of import need, Microsoft announced an understanding with
Philippines-based iCafe operator Netopia to establish an advanced pilot
program that conveys new acquisition and preparation chances to people
through Netopia's 169 iCafes. This programme will supply entree to software
such as the 2007 Microsoft Office system in improver to digital literacy
courses and free enfranchisements through the Microsoft IT Academy Learning
Portal to assist citizens addition the accomplishments and instruction necessary to construct or
advance their careers. "We are thrilled to be working with Microsoft to convey e-learning
technology to our iCafe clients throughout the Philippines," said George
H. Tan, chief executive officer of Netopia. "Our missionary post is to supply low-cost entree to
information and communicating to people without computing machines and the Internet. Now, with the digital literacy courses of study and enfranchisement from Microsoft, we
are expanding our services and enabling new opportunities." Collaboration With Universities to Stephen Foster Local Economic Growth Microsoft Invention Centers are at the head of edifice local
software economic systems through partnerships with universities around the world. Invention Centers supply entree to world-class resources for software
developers, IT professionals, students, academic research workers and
entrepreneurs. Today, Microsoft announced it will join forces with Pelita
Harapan University in Djakarta to open up a new Invention Center in Indonesia. There are currently four Invention Centers operating in Republic Of Indonesia in
partnership with leading universities across the country. This expansion
marks the 2nd biggest investing in the programme in Asia Pacific, after
China. First established in 2006, a web of 110 Invention Centers now
serve 100 communities in 60 states around the world, including more than than
30 across 13 states in Asia Pacific. Microsoft Invention Centers focus
on three core programmes for the benefit of local students, enterprisers and
other engineering industry players: -- Skills and Intellectual Capital offers software system development courses,
concern accomplishments and marketplace development training, and employment
programmes for students. -- Industry Partnerships Fosters the creative activity and development of industry
clusters, software system quality certification, and hands-on technology
labs. -- Invention includes supporting the Microsoft Imagine Cup, the world's
biggest pupil software system development competition. Imagine Cup engagement is an of import facet of the Microsoft
Innovation Center program. An outstanding illustration is the Bandung Institute
of Technology (ITB) Invention Center, which the past three old age has
fielded the winning squad that have represented Republic Of Indonesia at the worldwide
Imagine Cup finals. "Promoting invention amongst our pupil population assists guarantee that
Indonesia additions its ability to be competitory in the planetary information
economy," said Dr. Djoko Santoso, curate of Bandung Institute of
Technology. "The Imagine Cup supplies an chance for our pupils to
test their scheduling accomplishments against the best and the brightest students
in the world, and to develop software system that maps to existent issues facing
society today." This year, ITB's winning entry, Team Butterfly, showed how technology
can assist advance environmental sustainability by creating a coverage tool
that lets anybody to describe environmental maltreatment to alarm government
officials and the public. The squad will take this solution to the worldwide
finals in City Of Light in July. More than 42,000 pupils from across the Asia
Pacific part have got registered for the Imagine Cup 2008. More information on Microsoft Invention Centers can be establish at
. Partners in Learning Milestone Microsoft achieved an of import milepost in its attempts to transform
education across Asia Pacific Ocean and around the world, reaching more than than 100
million pupils globally through its flagship K-12 instruction initiative,
Partners in Learning. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a recommitment
of $235.5 million (U.S.) to Partners in Learning that volition convey the
company's sum 10-year investment to nearly $500 million, and is estimated
to enable the programme to significantly spread out its impact by reaching many
more pupils and instructors around the human race in the adjacent five years. One such as illustration is Korea's Omnipresent Learning, or "U-Learning,"
project, developed in concurrence with the Korean Ministry of Education,
Science and Technology. Students utilize engineering such as as as Tablet PCs and
mobile devices to access, share and present content and digital textbooks
in topics such as math, Korean, English, society, music and science. The initial airplane pilot programme started in nine schools and have since
expanded to 20, and the authorities takes to fully digitize all course of study by
2020. Together, these products, programmes and partnerships link a global
community of governments, spouses and pedagogues in an attempt to improve
access to low-cost technologies, make new womb-to-tomb acquisition and skills
training opportunities, and support educational inventions that are
relevant to local communities in Asia and around the world. Microsoft's vision for instruction in the 21st century is driven by the
shared belief that the usage of engineering in instruction will assist remove
limitations, surrogate invention and enable everyone to accomplish their fullest
potential. More information on Microsoft Partners in Learning can be establish at
. About Unlimited Potential Microsoft, through its Unlimited Potential vision, is committed to
making engineering more affordable, relevant and accessible for the 5
billion people around the human race who make not yet bask its benefits. The
company takes to make so by helping to transform instruction and surrogate a
culture of innovation, and through these agency enable better occupations and
opportunities. By working with governments, intergovernmental
organizations, nongovernmental organisations and industry partners,
Microsoft trusts to attain its first major milepost -- to attain the adjacent 1
billion people who are not yet realizing the benefits of engineering -- by
2015. More information can be establish at
. About Microsoft Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq: ) is the worldwide leader in
software, services and solutions that aid people and concerns realize
their full potential.

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